Top 10 Bath Towel Sets

Looking for new bath towel sets and not sure what's to choice? These Top 10 best selling towel sets give you lots of soft, fluffy and affordable options.


Pinzon Pike Street Towel Sets from Amazon

They’re just a fact of life and we often take our bath towel sets for granted. However, you know when you appreciate a soft, fluffy towel when you get out of the bath or shower. Looking at the Top 10 Bath Towel Sets on Amazon, I can say that soft and fluffy are the most important attributes buyers are looking for.

You can set it wit the top choice: The Pizon Basics Pike Street Towels. They been on the Top 10 list for quite some time. And for good reason. There’s the 100-Percent Egyptian, the 6-Piece that come with the towel set and the low price. They also come in seven colors that are sure to coordinate with your bathroom decor, including white, cream, cocoa, wedgewood, gray, driftwood and pistachio.

What Should You Look For in Bath Towel Sets

While there are no hard and fast rules, these five categories sum up what most people are looking for when it comes to bath towel sets, including myself. You’ll have to decide which of these — or others — are most important to you and in which order.

  1. Softness (all cotton is best)
  2. Absorbency
  3. Durability
  4. Washability (without fading)
  5. Size

Just a word about fading. I love colorful towels, but no matter how careful I am with washing… they always seen to fade. Then I started buying light-colored towel. Cream and ivory first and finally white, just like those found at spas. Guess what, my towels always look good now, no matter how much I was them (and I wash them a lot which was the reason for the fading). If you’re having the same problem, think about lighter-colored towels.

But the Pizon Pike Street towels are only the beginning. There are nine other towel sets that customers are buying. The sets listed below are taken from Amazon API, which means these are current top sellers. If you need new towels, check Amazon for the great selection and prices.

top 10 towels sets

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